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Running free

Although it has been over a half century since I was a young boy, I still remember that exhilarating feeling of running. Whether it was running around with my buddies or just running in an open field, I will always remember that endorphin-fueled feeling. Runing just because it was fun! I mention this because whenever I see our residents running it brings back those feelings, except through their eyes. I wonder what they are thinking when I see them chasing one another or just running, seemingly just to feel the freedom of running. Watching the chickens run like prehistoric dinosaurs always makes us laugh. Ying and Yang sprinting across the pasture when they hear their oats bucket being shaken is a sight to behold. They remind me of miniature racehorses with their manes flowing behind them. The donkeys have a unique skip/run and I love watching them chasing each other. Sometimes it is in play, sometimes it is to determine dominance, but they are both equally exciting to watch. The pig boys always look like they struggle to run due to their body mass and short legs. The goats have a run/jump/twist in the air type run that will always bring a smile to my face. And the baby goats, like any baby species, do everything at full speed with no regard to stopping or turning. I have witnessed some epic crashes due to their youthful enthusiasm. But by far, my favorite residents to watch run are the cows! Although Richard and Fredrick will run occasionally, Maggie and Penny run often. They weigh about 2,000 pounds each so when they are running, you know it! I had no idea cows could run so fast and be so athletic. I had never witnessed cows running before in my life, so it brings me great joy to see them this happy and feel this free.

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