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Petunia and Foster came to Butterfly Field Farm after their farm was sold to home developers.  They had some amazing foster parents before coming to BFF - these two think they are dogs!  So vocal and ready to make new friends with every visitor. 
Our bonded 3 wooly sheep, Baaaarbara, Joe and Snow White were originally sheep used in 4H from New York but have retired and now spend their days grazing on the pastures at Butterfly Field Farm.
Olive and Winter are mother and son.  When Olive arrived to Butterfly Field Farm, she was pregnant but we didn't know it.  On the first day of winter, a little ball of fluff was discovered next to his mama during the morning feeding.  He has grown up here on the farm and is such a loveable ball of joy!
Meadow and Dexter are two additional hair sheep that were rescued and became fast friends with the remaining sheep on the farm. 
Princess Lamy was born as a triplet but was rejected by her mother.  She came to Butterfly Field Farm initially as a foster lamb, being bottle fed and living in our house for 3 weeks wearing diapers.  We fell in love with this little lamb and she was officially adopted at 5 weeks old.  Lamy love having her on the farm, she is such a remarkable lamb.
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