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Butterfly Field Farm provides forever home for rescued animals
Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 12:20 pm (Updated: August 6, 12:21 pm) more
By Maggie Bryant Intern Writer

Ted Kamprath and his family started Butterfly Field Farm after learning about the need for animal sanctuaries and rescuers, when they attended Veg Fest in August of 2019. Kamprath has been practicing a vegan lifestyle for a year and a half, and has been a vegetarian for much longer. He hopes to use his organization to rescue animals from slaughter, as well as from other undesirable situations. He stated that he is glad to see many young people today taking on a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The sanctuary is located on Kamprath’s own property in Bedford. The land consists of 12 acres, with beautiful rolling hills and pens with run-ins for the animals. Originally, the Kampraths purchased 5 acres with their house, but in January of this year, they purchased an additional 7 acres located right next to their land. Kamprath said that when he bought the property, he had no idea they would be opening an animal sanctuary, but he is extremely glad he did. Butterfly Field Farm provides a forever home for animals rescued from kill pens, farms, and anywhere they can no longer be cared for. The family also works with Red Dog Farm, an organization which connects Butterfly Field Farm, and other rescue organizations, with farm animals in need of new homes. So far, their rescues include rabbits, miniature horses, chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and sheep. They currently have a total of 35 animals, including dogs and cats the family owns as pets, and they are constantly looking for more animals in need of a new home. Since moving to Virginia from Florida, Kamprath says he has really appreciated all the support and encouragement from the local farm animal community. Not knowing anyone when they moved here four years ago, he stated that the community he has found has been incredible. The organization hopes to continue to interact with other people and local businesses, to create fun events for people of all ages. According to Kamprath, Butterfly Field Farm is currently looking into a possible goat yoga opportunity with their four adorable goats. Goat yoga is a fun activity in which yoga is done in a field where the goats are freely wandering and interacting with yogis during their practice. Goats often jump onto the backs of yogis during certain poses, making the yoga more fun and entertaining. Butterfly Field Farms runs on donations and the hard work of the Kamprath’s, along with a group of volunteers. They always appreciate donations of time or money, as well as kind words and visits. You can call to schedule a visit at (727)534-4047. The website is, where you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter and learn more about their organization and their animals. The organization can also be found on Facebook at “Butterfly Field Farm” and Instagram @butterflyfieldfarmsanctuary.

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