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A total of 13 chickens and roosters call Butterfly Field Farm home, most having the ability to free range on the property.  
The Lucky 6 are Cornish Hens and factory farm birds, genetically altered and full of hormones & antibiotics.  They were named as a result of being rescued from a horrible situation - unwilling participation in a religious ritual that resulted in the death of almost 99% of the animals.  About 350 birds were rescued from the 30,000 birds used and we took in 6 of them.  
The Mary Seven 2_edited.jpg
The Mary 7 are some of the most loved hens we have ever received on the farm!  They came from a family that needed to focus on caring for a loved one but they wanted their birds to go to a safe home and Mary found us!  So Laverne, Shirley, Olive, Greta, Henrietta, Brett & Cuckoo Loca arrived and have settled nicely into their forever home.  
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