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Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed”, he was right. We are dealing with a situation on the farm that infuriates me and although I promised to never be a ‘militant vegan’, I am going to say outload what I usually just keep in my head. One of the Lucky 6 Cornish hens has lost the ability to walk because her genetically altered body can no longer support her weight. She and the others are pumped with so many hormones that even on a restricted diet we cannot slow down their weight gain. So, every day, we carry her out and put her in a hay filled feed trough to avoid get accidentally trampled and let her feel the sun on her face. She gets to watch all her barnyard friends go about their lives while she just lays in the hay. And every evening we carry her back into the barn so she can spend the night with her friends in the safety of their enclosure. We make sure she still has access to her food and water and will repeat this routine until she lets us know she no longer wishes to go on. We watch her for these signs but so far, she is alert and currently shows no indication of distress. We were asked just this past weekend why we don’t have her put to sleep, and the answer was simple: she deserves every opportunity to enjoy every second of her life. We will do the ethical thing when and if the time comes, but we are not there yet. What infuriates and sickens me is the role man has played in this situation. Man decided to play God for greed! It is not bad enough that these chickens were born to be slaughtered, and these hens were born to be tortured and have their throats slit as part of a twisted religious ritual - no, man had to find a way to hurry up their growth process so he can get his money quicker. This is how far man has digressed, slaughtering innocent creatures is not profitable enough, lets pump them up full of hormones so we can get rich quicker. Man has been gifted everything he needs to survive on this beautiful planet we call Earth, but man’s greed will not be satisfied until we completely destroy it and ourselves in the pursuit of money.

I realize this blog is strongly worded and may offend some of you, for that I apologize. To deal with what we are dealing with is heartbreaking and has me upset.

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