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"The Littles"
Nigerian Dwarf goats Faith and Hiro, were born at Butterfly Field Farm, and are adorable twins that love to roam and visit all areas of the farm.
Noah and Hope, also Nigerian Dwarf twins, arrived at Butterfly Field Farm at 5 days old and are as curious as they come. Noah is a visitor favorite, always greeting new friends and has gorgeous blue eyes that can't be ignored.
Milo and Otis, Boer goats that were rescued from a farm where the owner moved away and left them behind.  On the brink of starvation, the brothers were brought to a sanctuary and nursed back to health.  They joined us at Butterfly Field Farm once cleared by their vet and are as sweet as they come.   
Tobias is one of the farm's more timid goats but will eventually warm up to people and is such a loving boy.  
Uni-horn Jack is an Alpine goat and one of our most curious residents.  A constant attention seeker, he makes friends with anyone that visits the farm.  He was one week away from slaughter for meat when he was rescued and brought to Butterfly Field Farm.  
Raven and Starfire are Nigerian Dwarf sisters and the oldest goats on the farm at 12 years old.  Very gentle and friendly with all people, these ladies are incredibly sweet girls.    
We don't know what kind of life Nigerian Dwarf brothers Batman and Robin had before coming to Butterfly Field Farm, but they avoid people at all costs.  Our belief is giving animals the freedom to live their best life so we let them be.  They are inseparable and incredibly bonded.
Darla is an 11-year-old Boer Brush goat who recently lost her mom and was alone and sad.  Darla's humans took good care of her but wanted to her find a place where she could have friends and be happy again.  Darla was brought to Butterfly Field Farm and is now living her best life!
Maverick and Goose came from a horrible hoarding situation in Connecticut (read about it here) but are now safe at Butterfly Field Farm.  
Bucky was found as a stray goat in Bedford County and turned into the local animal shelter.  After a vet evaluation and neutering we learned he was a healthy, full grown one year old Nigerian Dwarf goat. We were happy to bring him into the herd and he has been a welcome addition to the farm.  
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