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Last Chapter

I retired this past month, thus beginning the final chapter of my life. I struggled a bit with the thought of retirement, after all, old people retire, and I am not old. But a quick look in the mirror or the sound of my joints when I first wake up, slap me back to reality. A good friend of mine told me to not think of it as retirement, to think of it as just changing jobs. And that simple advice seemed to help me. So, to be clear, I am not retired, I have changed jobs! I have gone from an excellent paying job in nice climate-controlled building with excellent benefits, to an extremely poor paying job, often in extreme weather with no sick days or paid vacations! BUT I really love my ‘coworkers’ and go to my new job with a smile on my face and excitement in my heart! Like most jobs, my new coworkers are all unique, with unique personalities. You have your jokesters, the goats always keep my new workplace fun, especially Milo and Otis who are always good for a laugh. And then there are the sheep who keep to their selves and just go about their work. The donkeys are the dependable colleagues who never take sick days or vacations, just come to work, and do their job. You have the cows who seem to take a lot of breaks and can often be seen napping on the job. The pigs are not afraid to get dirty and take the filthy jobs that no one else wants to do. There is also the hen ‘click’, they do not let outsiders and are always seen together. And now we have the new hires, Hope and Noah the baby goats. Like most new hires, they are eager to impress but have no clue what they are doing.

I love my new job and all my new coworkers (maybe not the backstabbing roosters!) and I look forward to staying at this job until the book of Ted reads, The End.

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Proud of you, my friend. Enjoy this new chapter of your story. ♥️

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