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if you build it, they will come

Most of us remember that line from the movie Field of Dreams, others will know it from the bible where God answers Noah’s question of where he will get all the animals to fill his ark (Genesis 6-7, Hebrews 11:7). But as we have discovered this past year, the same can be true for farm animal sanctuaries. This time last year, we were nothing but an idea. We were researching what an animal sanctuary was and how to operate one. We were warned that the need for homes for these animals was great and we would fill up in a short time. We thought that was an over exaggeration, but we were wrong. Here we are today, and we have over 40 rescued and adopted residents that include 10 different species. And sadly, there have been several cases where we were asked to help but could not. As exhilarating as it is to give an animal a forever home, it is equally, if not more depressing to say no to an animal in need. But we have limited space and limited resources so there are times we have to say no, and honestly it haunts you for quite a while. We talk about expanding constantly because we realize the more space we have, the more we build, the more beautiful souls will come. We are currently going through a small expansion now that will allow us to take on more residents in the coming months. And I have no doubt that our phone will ring, or we will receive an email from someone asking if we can help. And it will feel great to rescue another animal from an uncertain future and give them a safe place to live out their life. So, although I am not Ray Kinsella (the Kevin Costner character in Field of Dreams) or Noah, but I did build it and they have come!

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