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Happy endings

We have not had many happy endings around here the past few months, or at least that is how it feels. And after the vet came to look at Richard and Fredrick, I thought we were headed down that cruel path again. After learning about their past and from what he was seeing, it was thought that Fredrick, the younger and cuddlier of the blind black angus steers, may have BVD, bovine viral diarrhea. BVD is an acute mucosal disease with no treatment. So, the vet took a blood sample, and we would have to wait a few days for the result. After the vet left, I began to research BVD and when I got to the symptoms, I realized that Fredrick had all but one of the symptoms, he did not have a loss of appetite. Mentally we began to pray and prepare ourselves. When Chip and Freda were sick and facing difficult diseases, we lost them both. The thought of losing another resident was stressful and depressing. Fredrick got more hugs and more sweet feed in his grain as we awaited the results. A couple of days after the vets visit, Fredrick began roaming his pasture a little more, he had never done that before. But we had been fooled before by signs we saw as indications of recovery and know better than to get our hopes up just because of a sign. When doc called to tell us that both boys tested negative for BVD, it almost did not seem real, so I made him repeat it. Finally, an outcome that was positive news! A day after that call, you could see the life return to Fredrick. The antibiotics must have kicked in and he was roaming around and making friends with Susie and Gerry, his protectors. He found the hay bale on his own which meant I did not have to bring the hay to him. He was a completely different boy, full of life! So for now, we have all healthy residents, and that is a good feeling.

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Praying Fredrick continues to thrive and all of your beloved residents stay happy and healthy! All my love to you, the family, and the furry babies!!!

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