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Cows and Sheep

One of the biggest thrills I get when spending time with our residents, is seeing different species interacting and getting along. Eating together and accepting each other without fuss. We have all seen dogs and cats cuddled up together, it is sweet and tender and touches our heart. I have read a lot about different farm animal species bonding and have seen pictures that seem odd but heartwarming. We now have that here at Butterfly Field Farm. One of sheep, Baaarbara, has bonded with Penny and Maggie, the cows! The first time I saw this interaction when we were standing outside the pasture one day, talking with our neighbors. Penny started pushing Baaarbara around with her head. I was getting ready to stop them when I realized Baaarbara was enjoying this. And after a while, Penny used her gigantic tongue to give Baaarbara a big face lick! Joe and Snow White, the other two sheep, have no interest in the cows, but Baaarbara seems to prefer their company and is seen with the cows frequently. So, despite the large size difference, you will often find Baaarbara roughhousing, laying, or eating with her newfound best friends. It really is incredible to witness, although it makes for an odd sight. These are the type of experiences I was hoping to have as I read about other farm animal sanctuaries and the bonding they have had at their farms. It makes me so proud that we are able to provide different species a forever home to give them an opportunity to meet and bond with other species while living a quiet, peaceful life.

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