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2/3's of a circle

We all learn from a young age about the circle of life, you are born, you live and then you die. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Like most sanctuaries, our residents are neutered to prevent more animals being born into an already overpopulated situation. We do not get to witness the best part of the circle of life, birth. What we have experienced is the worst part of the circle, death. I mention this because we just lost another donkey, Freda. Freda was only with us two weeks and in hindsight, was not well most of that time. Before we had to let her go, it was discovered she had severe kidney disease. We do not know what her life was like before she came to us, but her broken crest (the neck muscle that runs between the head and the back) suggested she did not have a good diet. This is what we were told probably lead to the disease. She leaves us with her 12-year-old daughter who watched over her mother the whole time she was here. Diligently standing by her morning noon and night. That is what good children do. We have lost two donkeys in a very short span and it hurts. It feels the same as when we help our beloved pets over the rainbow bridge. What makes this pain worth it, what makes experiencing only 2/3's of the circle of life worth it, is the middle part of the circle, the living part. Watching these beautiful souls, running, playing, roughhousing, or rolling around in mud or dirt, witnessing those moments makes the pain of saying goodbye a little easier. So, we soldier on, helping give these animals a wonderful life with lush pastures, good food, water and shelter, occasional treats, and unlimited hugs. This is all we can do and I will do it until I am at the end of my circle.

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I'm so sorry for this loss. I'm grieving with you, my friends. ♥️

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