Resident of the Month:

Chip was our beautiful one-year old donkey who came to us in July of this year, two days shy of his first birthday. We adopted Chip from the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue East to be a playmate to Gerry. Gerry was assumed to be the same age (did not come with records) and had a lot of energy to expend. Chip came to Butterfly Field Farm with Mrs. Potts who had been acting as his surrogate mom while his birth mom Louisa was in quarantine fighting a respiratory illness. When Chip arrived, he was a bit of a low energy donkey, at the time we just assumed it was because he missed his mom. A few weeks later Louisa recovered, and we brought Louisa to BFF to be reunited with Chip. He did seem to perk up as he never left his mom’s side although he never really played with high energy Gerry. He was usually with his mom or Mrs. Potts although there were a few nights where I let only let Chip and Gerry out in the pasture to protect the sheep. I used to call it “boy’s night out” and they both seemed fine with being away from their moms. Chip was a small donkey as is his mom, so he was extremely easy to love on. Visitors always loved to hug Chip, especially the younger ones since Chip was close to their size. I personally loved to hug on this little guy, and he followed me whenever he saw me because I was always giving him treats and extra grain and sweet hay. He had me pegged for the sucker I am! While all the other equines would be behind the barn enjoying their dinner of hay, Chip would sneak away and hang out by the tack room door where he knew I would eventually be heading. I would see him standing there and would always melt when seeing those big, beautiful eyes and quietly bring him handfuls of treats, cracked corn, or chopped Alfalfa hay.



It is easy to look back now and see that Chip was dealing with health issues the whole time he was with us and probably his whole life. But it does not ease the pain, hopefully time will do that.





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