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Resident of the Month


Little man Yaz came to us last summer and recently celebrated his 1 year birthday! We were alerted to Yaz’s situation by our friends at Onyx’s Dream, a local animal rescue. They had rescued his half brother and they didn’t like the situation Yaz was in. Lucky for us we had a sponsor step up and pay his adoption fees. She even came with me to pick him up as Yaz was so small, he fit in the back of my SUV! When Yaz came to the farm, he desperately wanted to be close to our bonded miniature horses, Yin and Yang. But they kept nipping him and chasing him away. That didn’t prevent Yaz from trying to stay close to them, he just learned what was a safe distance. Yaz was also a bit of a misbehaver but calmed right down after he was castrated. That is also when Yin and Yang accepted him into their pack. Now the three of them are inseparable. When I need to move the 3 of them between pastures, I only put a lead rope on Yin and Yang knowing that Yaz will following closely behind. He is such a sweet boy and still growing into his body. Yaz is a favorite of the visitors that come to the farm. For all these reasons, Yaz is the Resident of the Month!

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