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Resident of the Month

Baby H

Baby H is this month’s Resident of the Month! Her mom, Henrietta, did a great job hiding an egg from us so we were very surprised when we were collecting eggs one night and discovered a little black ball of fluff! This is a first for us and it was so interesting watching Henrietta mother and teach H. Also, the name H was used as a placeholder until we knew if the little chick was a rooster or a hen. Now that we know H is a hen, her name is ‘officially’ Harriet, but I still love calling her H. Henrietta taught H using small steps, each day free ranging further and further away from their coop. And H had a lot of instincts, including one that fascinated me with H always making sure she had her mother between her and anyone that was approaching. H also is very good scurrying away when she thinks something has a potential for danger. You can often find Henrietta, H and dad Norma Jean all together bug hunting in the pastures. It is hard to look at H without smiling, she is a cutie and a spitting image of her mom. Although we hope not to be outsmarted by any of the other hens hiding their eggs, it has been a joy watching H grow up. These are just some of the reasons why H is the resident of the month!

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