Resident of the Month:

Yin and her soulmate, Yang, were the first residents here at Butterfly Field Farm. And she has always been ‘spunky’! She is our 4-year-old little chestnut mare and fits the stereotype, “For as long as horse people have been around, it is said that a Chestnut mare is basically a fiery redhead. They have a reputation of being crazy – short-tempered horses who kick, buck, bite, the whole nine yards” This is our Yin! She is a feisty one for sure although she has a gentle side and has been getting sweeter in the 7 months she has been a resident. We have had some epic battles, but nothing compared to what our farrier has encountered on multiple occasions. During Yin’s first time with our farrier, she bit him in the ear and just last month, she bit him on the neck! But she is sweet with our visitors, even the toddlers that have approached her. Yin is just very temperamental when being asked to do something she does not want to do. I have grown to love her for who she is, a sweet, tender, and loving mini who does not appreciate being forced to do things. When I sit on the bench in their pen, she will usually be the first one to approach me. She comes over and puts her head on my shoulder as I give her some love, usually scratches behind her ears. This is what I love about her.  Yes, she has fiery side, but she is also the sweetest of all our residents. It is these sweet, shared moments that make her this month’s Resident of the Month.




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