Resident of the Month:

Joe is our 3-year-old ram (male sheep) and is our most approachable sheep. Joe was a surrender, raised by a young man who was going off to college and needed to find a home for the sheep. He reached out to Farm Sanctuary, one of the largest farm animal sanctuaries in the US, and they thought the sheep would be a good fit for Butterfly Field Farm. The sheep trio, as they were called, are a bit on the skittish side, but Joe will lead and protect his lady friends, Baaarbera and Snow White. He is very vocal and makes sure everyone knows where he is and what he wants! When the goats first arrived into ‘his’ pasture, Joe was afraid and would back off when we brought treats letting the goats eat the food. I found that strange since he is much bigger than they are. Now, whenever the goats try to take his food, he puts his head down like he is going to ram them and they run away! I would not call Joe cuddly as he is not one for affection, but Joe is very majestic and a true leader. He was also the first one of the pasture gang to not run in fear when approached by the cows. He has even been seen touching noses with Maggie! These are some of the many reasons why Joe, or Mighty Joe as I like to call him, is not only the resident of the month, but also has my utmost respect.

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