Resident of the Month:

Richard is amazing! Richard is a 12-month-old black angus steer, and he is blind. He came to us along with Fredrick, a 5-month-old blind black angus steer. But unlike Fredrick who was born blind, Richard was born with the ability to see but lost his sight after contracting pinkeye. But if you did not know Richard was blind, you never would guess it! He wanders freely to every corner of the pasture and I have seen him running on several occasions. And he comes when you call his name - he is full of personality! Although like one of our British White cows Maggie, is not yet trusting enough to be loved on. But I take advantage when his head is buried in his grain bucket, and love on him without protest. So, he loves his grain more than he dislikes affection! Richard is growing fast, and I have to always be mindful that he cannot see. He has a tendency of running up behind me when he hears me in the pasture and since he cannot see me, I have to make sure I do not get run over! Soon we will be able to start introducing Richard to some of our other pasture folks. He has already spent time with Maggie and Penny along the shared fence. Since he has been spending time with Susie and Gerry (for protection from predators), they have already worked through their differences and now can be seen eating together around the hay rolls. I have even seen Gerry and Richard nuzzling! The reason I made Richard the resident of the month is because of the admiration I have for him. He does not let a little thing like blindness stop him from living his best life.




Richard is a happy boy!

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