Resident of the Month:

If our sanctuary had a poster resident, Susie would be it! And when you consider how she came to us; this always amazes me. We rescued Susie and her baby foal, Gerry, from a kill pen. I cannot imagine the hell she must have been going through trying to care for a young foal while being moved to a crowded, nasty kill pen and then to our farm. If they had not been rescued within 10 days, they would have been slaughtered for meat. And despite going through all of that, she has been incredibly gentle since the day her and Gerry stepped off the transporter. I was blown away by her tenderness with us! Although Gerry has all the energy of a baby boy, Susie always has a calming energy about her. People comment that they had no idea that donkeys were so gentle, and we did not either. She is a very loving and attentive mother with Gerry, but she can also be very firm when disciplining him! Sometimes Gerry plays rough with her and she will take it up to a point but when she has had enough, Gerry knows it quickly! I have seen Susie bite him, ‘hip check’ him and even spin around to make him think he is about to be kicked (although she never kicks). It is for these reasons that we adopted Mrs. Potts and Chip. Chip will give Gerry a roughhouse playmate while Susie can finally have some peace and quiet. We have learned that donkeys are incredible animals and Susie is an exceptional donkey!

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