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Resident of the Month

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Maggie & Penny

Maggie and Penny came to the farm about 3 years ago when their human had to relocate to Texas. They were raised as pets and they show it! They are very friendly and loving, especially to other residents. When the blind cows Richard and Fredrick came to the farm, Maggie and Penny stepped up to mother them - it was very impressive to witness the care they provided. When the sheep was in their pasture, we would often see the cows licking the faces of the sheep! They would stand perfectly still while getting groomed. Jack the one-horned goat was not a fan of being licked by the cows and would often run away. At first, Ember the mini cow kept her distance from Maggie & Penny, but knowing their gentle nature, I decided to let her have some supervised pasture time with the large cows. The blind boys weren’t going to be an issue since they aren’t able to see her to bother her. And true to their nature, the large cows immediately started loving on Ember, welcoming her with lots of licks and love! Now Ember can be found grazing with the girls or relaxing under a tree while they all chew their cud. Maggie and Penny still play with Richard and Fredrick and you can often find them chasing one another or head to head trying to push each other backwards. Even if one of the girls is playing with Fredrick who is smaller with neurological issues, the girls will let Fredrick win by pushing them backwards! I just love these sweet kind girls, for this reason and so many more, Maggie and Penny are residents of the month!

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